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Last Updated : 11-23-2014

Teacup Puppies for Sale in Los Angeles California and Las Vegas Nevada

 Welcome to Star Yorkie!
We are a certified Yorkshire terrier breeder located in Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas NV.Even though we are located in Los Angeles, we ship worldwide with very safe shipping methods. The yorkies puppies are well taken care of from the time they leave our shop to the time they reach your door! Our breeding shop is home to some of the best teacup Pomeranian, Maltese, and Yorkshire terriers puppies in the world, and we take excellent care of all of our dogs, making sure they have access to the highest standards in dog breeding services.
Our teacup dogs are all certified purebred, and their breeding papers are included in the sale as would be expected. They demand the highest prices because of their pure lineage, and outstanding miniature traits, but if you subscribe to our puppy Our teacup yorkies come in many different colors, with a wide variety of markings. From solid white, to brown and black, to black and white, and anywhere in between! You name it and we have it! All of our teacup puppies are the most adorable little creatures you will ever meet in your life, and our shop is like yorkie teacup heaven! If you'll look to the left side of our homepage you will notice the site map of our site. To see what puppies are available simply click the "available puppies" link and you will be shown our wide selection of beautiful teacup puppies! We have sold teacup pups to many celebrities in the area, including Brad Pitt and Chris Brown! When you buy from us you are dealing with the best in the business, and you are guaranteed to be satisfied with our beautiful little packages of love!
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  1. Milo Teacup Maltipoo Puppy Available in Los Angeles

    Milo is a very outgoing Malti-Poo puppy that will steal your heart with his good looks and personality. Learn More
  2. Benson Teacup MalPek Available in Los Angeles

    Benson is a great playmate for anyone. He's always happy to see you. His tail never stops wagging......... he's just a super happy boy. Learn More
  3. Cypress Tiny Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Puppy in Los Angeles

    Cypress is such a sweet heart. He just wants to cuddle up with you and give you as much love as you can handle. He's the perfect friend, or boy friend. Learn More

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